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The current logog for the Aywas Wiki
The Aywas Wiki was founded on January 28, 2011 to serve as a digital cache of information about the pet site game, Aywas. The Aywas Wiki is a community based wiki and is run and hosted by Aywas users.

The Aywas Wiki is not officially affiliated with Aywas.

For more information on the game itself, please see the article on it here: Aywas.

History of the Aywas Wiki

January 28, 2011 marked the initial founding of the Aywas Wiki by User:Tiff. When the Aywas Wiki was first founded, many contributors discovered the site through the Aywas forums.

In mid 2015, the Aywas Wiki unexpectedly went down and access to hosting was lost. User:Tiff contacted the web host for the wiki but received no response. After several months, the Aywas Wiki continued to be down and was only accessible through backups on Unfortunately, no database backups of the wiki were accessible either, so the wiki was discontinued.

In March 2016, User:Likemybread offered to recreate the Aywas Wiki. Since no backups of the wiki existed, the content on the Aywas Wiki would have to be recreated or manually recovered from

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