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Abyss174AbyssBlankPSD.pngKnown in some circles as hellhounds, Abyss are not a genus that one should mess around with. They are prone to violence and will hunt down smaller, less powerful prey.
Achae88FireDancerAchae.pngThe Achae are rumoured to be the remnants of tree spirits. Every Autumn they shed the fur-like leaves on their body and wrap themselves around a branch high in the trees to hibernate until Spring when they come into bud once again.
Akuma67NightmareAkuma.pngThey have the power of darkness in their paws. They have been known to eat smaller aywas, too.
Alaroo169AlarooBlankPSD.pngDespite their stubby tail, they are capable of leaning back on their tail and delivering a powerful kick. They are herbivores but they have no trouble letting a predator know they wont go down without a fight! They can be made with Token items from the Trash for Treasure Store.
Alatus114OrnateVelvetAlatus.pngA very active and playful pet, owning an Alatus will certainly keep you on your feet! Happiest when theyre in the water, they will accept anything from a bathtub to an ocean to frolic in - but dont worry if they get into the wild waters of the world, they know where home is... and dinner!
Alidae162AlidaeBlankPSD.pngAlidae are playful creatures that like to engage in speed races with each other. Theyre highly energetic and always ready for a challenge. They excel at finding objects and storing them in a hoard. These hybrids can be a result of breeding a Faux and a Scarl together via Alidae Egg (breeding item). They cannot be made by Breeding Coin. They CANNOT be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Arak82LadybirdArak.pngThey are about the size of a dinnerplate and extremely shy. It is said that every species of the Arak has some sort of special power they can give to someone they bite, so a bite from an Arak is seen as a very desired thing, causing lots of poaching and near-extinction of the genus.
Arion53GreenDreamArion.pngWith the sky as their pathway, herds of them can be found painting the dawn sky with vivid brightness and drawing the starlit night over the hills and valleys.
Boreas146BoreasBlankPSD.pngThe mood of this extremely rare dual hybrid is said to influence the weather. They often escape from captivity to enjoy riding the various winds that blow across Ay, and they feel most at home in the sky. These hybrids can be a result of breeding a Paleo and an Inari together with a Breeding Coin and a required Hybrid DNA add-on. They CANNOT be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Bumble62SunBumble.pngDont let the devious expression fool you, these little pranksters have a knack for playing tricks but can be quite sincere once befriended.
Campe46CockatriceCampe.pngThe Campe is an omnivore. When its not using its scythes to slice prey in half, it uses them to strip the bark from trees.
Carid160CaridBlankPSD.pngTheir shells are as hard as steel. Its impossible to break through them! Fortunately, they reproduce very slowly and are only about the size of a fist.
Cention164CentionBlankPSD.pngCention can sometimes grow extra limbs depending on their parentage. Among the species, its said that the more limbs they have, the higher social ranking they have.
Cerby41HarlequinCerby.pngThese three-headed dogs guard the entrance to Aras hell-like region. If youre skillful, and perhaps a bit mean-hearted, you might get one to join with you as a loyal pet.
Cereus68WoodlandCereus.pngThey are known for being forest sprites. Often you can see them congregating around areas where trees have been burnt down or razed, reparing the damage done to the earth.
Cheve29FirehideCheve.pngWhile they can appear quite docile, in the wild the Cheve are very territorial and will fight to the death to defend what they consider theirs.
Chiro9LightonWaterChiro.pngFlying through the night sky, the Chiros wide wing span allow it to float gracefully upon the air currents in search for its favorite prey.
Chorlu65SpringChorlu.pngSupposedly, when they get old enough, they can wrap themselves in a cocoon. Who knows what will come from it, though?
Chromo72AnnaeChromo.pngThey like to hang out in the East and West River. They have a smooth texture and sometimes ride on the back of gaels.
Chugon166ChugonBlankPSD.pngDespite their dragon-like appearance, Chugon are completely amphibious creatures. They can be found living around or near water, and baby Chugon have a tadpole like appearance.
Cipula33FlyTrapCipula.pngThe delicious odor of various fruit will draw you in, but the Cipulas tail is whip-fast and can easily snap off a finger; approach with extreme caution should you encounter one.
Cirrus78CocktailCirrus.pngThey are quite fond of food, and almost seem to bond with different dishes. Their fur color starts modifying itself to match the food much like a chameleon.
Codu133LuminescentCodu.pngThese creatures are very docile and enjoy spending their time drifting about on the waves. While theyre capable of defending themselves with neurotoxins in their tentacles, theyd rather not.
Colchis127GeodeColchis.pngLegend has it that the very first Colchis was sacrificed to the gods and became the constellation Aries. From that point forward, the fleece of descendant Colchis has been an extremely potent magical substance.
Condyl142CondylBlankPSD.pngIt took entomologists centuries to discover this genus because these mischevious looking creatures are so small they can hide completely on the back of a berry!
Corra64BlueCrystalCorra.pngThey are said to grow custom crystals on their rump. When a Corra reaches an old enough age, they will shed the crystal and start growing the next highest type. Sadly, people have never been able to take advantage of this phenomena as the crystals are charmed to magically appear in Chaos shop.
Crystelid155CrystelidBlankPSD.pngThe Crystalids body is made up entirely of crystal. While it is in liquid form while moving, as soon as it comes to a halt it becomes solid. Crystelids can move between solid and liquid form at will.
Dosk141DoskBlankPSD.pngWhile the focus on this creature should be its elegent poise and majesty, all anyone can discuss is just exactly how does the mane and tail work?
Drazi117PaintedDrazi.pngDespite the folklore that heralds this species as being heavily linked to the evils of the world, the Drazi is a sweet-natured creature that hasnt developed the carniverous tastes of its parents. It instead opts mostly for fruit and flowers, though it isnt immune to nibbling on a small Insi on occasion.
Drylis19EmeraldSwirlDrylis.pngFar away in the realm of Ara, the skies are dominated by these fearsome dragons, their cries fill the sky letting all know that they are there.
Elphin104TidepoolElphin.pngThe appearance of this species is incredibly new to the waters of Ay. Early studies show a strong genetic relation with both the Gael and Toray species, prompting initial queries as to whether there was a more human hand guiding their creation.
Emaia151EmaiaBlankPSD.pngThe Emaia have a strange mixture between mammalian genes and reptilian genes. Their discovery has led some Ay scientists to wonder whether Teo existed back when Spino first evolved. Further research into the nature of this hybrid is still needed to unravel the mystery. These hybrids can be a result of breeding a Teo and a Spino together via Transitional Fossil Egg. They cannot be made by Breeding Coin. They CANNOT be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Ennae75PoisonFlameEnnae.pngThey are the smallest hybrids at only two feet long. They make great pets and are very friendly and playful, though their bite and flesh is toxic.
Eudico159EudicoBlankPSD.pngThis playful creature loves to romp around in gardens and forests. They lose all their leaves during the autumn and are bare all winter!
Faux161FauxBlankPSD.pngThis genus has a knack for getting into trouble. They are often found causing pranks or stealing things and hiding them. Faux can be obtained by using the Faux Box customs feature.
Fens52BlazeFens.pngFens enjoy gliding from place to place, feeling the wind on their wings and tails, but while the skies were once free for them to roam, they must now be weary of their winged, feline foes.
Fetail175FetailBlankPSD.pngThough it doesn't seem to have a mouth or legs, it moves around like a fuzzy caterpillar. Sometimes it appears to have a mouth, but for the most part it just seems to lay around...
Finn81FirebreatherFinn.pngThey are incredibly tiny dragons that can fit in the palm of your hand. Many of them tend to be elemental spirits that spend their time in virgin forests. Despite their small size, they have a ferocious bite.
Finx17AsianGoldenCatFinx.pngThis feline never has to worry about always landing on its feet or getting stuck in trees since the evolution of wings.
Flux30FluxBlankPSD.pngThese robotic pets may look a bit alarming, but you could have no better security system! Batteries not included.
Folium23EarthDayFolium.pngThis species thrives in the Autumn months and tends to hybernate through the spring and summer because its thick hide makes the heat unbearable.
Gael1AquariumGael.pngContrary to popular opinion they arent slimy to touch, but have a rather pleasant spongey texture which makes them unlikely snuggle candidates.
Garu86StarlightGaru.pngThis lupine species lives in packs, using a complex series of vocalizations to keep in touch with distant territorial rivals. The fastest Garu is always the leader of the rest. Confrontations between Garu packs and Kodama are rare but fierce, for both species prefer the same forest terrain.
Gnarl58TigerfangGnarl.pngThey roam in large packs, and prefer very warm environments. They would probably be more intimidating if they weren't so small...
Griffin10PitchBlackGriffin.pngMost of their magic is stored in their beaks. Ever since poachers started hunting griffins for their beaks, they have become very wary of humans.
Heggal101ImperialHeggal.pngHeggal are regarded as a passive creature that live on a diet of berries and insects, but over time they have evolved to use their defensive spines as an offensive weapon. They now are often found hunting small Insi and Chromo, and occasionally Soli. They have never been integrated with the creatures of Ara so anyone owning a Heggal should be wary of integrating them with Wibbits.
Huitzil77EarthboundHuitzil.pngThey, along with the Quetzal and the Koatl, used to be worshipped as gods. They often demanded sacrifices too to appease them.
Idolia129NightmareIdolia.pngThis strange creature has an amorphous shape that seems made out of energy. It is said to represent death, and will appear to those about to die with that persons face present on its mask.
Inari84FaeInari.pngThey are the cause of many people getting lost in the Ay woods because they have a tendency to lead people down very dangerous paths. Their carefree, mischevious attitude often gets others hurt.
Inciri152InciriBlankPSD.pngInciri are said to be the daughters of deep sea squid of myth. They only grow to be the size of a dog, though, and have to settle for sinking paper ships instead of real ones. These hybrids can be a result of breeding a Suune and a Sors together with a breeding coin. Customs can be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Insi2ShardMothInsi.pngA bug species that is lovable and squishy - however, step on one and youll feel the full force of its tail.
Ippo32BlueJayIppo.pngWhile their wings are fully functional most Ippos prefer to stay on the ground. On the rare occasion the herd takes flight its a wonderful sight to behold.
Itoa71ItoaBlankPSD.pngThey hoard items, and are known for having massive collections in a home tree. If you find an Itoa collection youre bound to strike gold.
Jadoni134DeepSeaJadoni.pngJadoni are energetic aquatic beasts that can be found having competitions with each other to see who can jump the highest out of the water or who can jump over dams.
Jiao48ToxicJiao.pngThis sneaky, evil creature is the reason you do not want to visit a forest at night; they love nothing more than to hide in the darkness and strike as you walk by in ignorance.
Jormu36CoelacanthJormu.pngLegend has it that these sea monsters live for thousands of years, dwelling at the very bottom of oceans as guardians of all who inhabit them.
Jura172JuraBlankPSD.pngThis extinct genus can only enter our world through a special portal connecting the past to the present. Despite their appearance as a predator, they are fairly docile creatures and prefer eating carrion. Customs can be made using Prehistoric Portal.
Kaba28DraconianKaba.pngThese land creatures cant swim and due to their immense weight, they would sink straight to the bottom of any body of water.
Kazoo171KazooBlankPSD.pngThese are a very happy species that enjoys bouncing around. Theyre capable of leaping over twenty feet, and jumping fifteen feet in the air from a standstill. Can be made with Trinket Boxes (Metal, Blue, Gold). Palli breed as common pets.
Kera89FossilKera.pngThe Mountains sometimes ring with bellowing cries and loud crashes as Kera compete to see who has the hardest head! These otherwise placid grazers are quite social, roaming far and wide in large herds; however, due to their need for vast territories, few Kera are seen in the wild.
Kernal56ILUPlantKernal.pngWhen solid food isn't available, these pets can also use photosynthesis to create their own nutrients from the power of the sun.
Kitsera116MarbledKitsera.pngWhile this species can look especially awkward when not moving, when in flight it is the epitome of graces as their wings fluidly glide through their in a wave-like motion. It is said that to watch the flight of a Kitsera for too long can cause a permanant hypnotic state, though there are no facts to back up this folk story.
Kityip137SunlitRocksKityip.pngKityip are prized by humans as mini versions of an Orimi. While Orimi are the size of a fox, a Kityip is only the size of a rabbit, making them popular as fashionable pets. Because of this, however, their bones are very fragile and they are prone to injury.
Koaf120PinkSugarKoaf.pngNo one is quite sure if they are a loaf shaped feline, or sentient bread - and as they mysteriously disappear at the end of their lives, leaving not so much as a crumb behind, its likely that no one will ever find out.
Koatl47SunsetKoatl.pngIf you are visited by one of these ancient spirits you will be blessed either with good fortune or cursed with bad luck depending on the shape of its swirls!
Kodama83LichenKodama.pngThey are extremely territorial of the area they live. If faced with a threat or even an unfamiliar face, they will lower their horns and charge. Because of their massive size and weight, they can easily trample someone to death.
Kolibri98PinkLemonadeKolibri.pngThis declicate looking bird is quite remarkable. Able to fly at intense speeds, it is often little more than a passing blur. The best time to spot these small creatures is when it is feeding, as they do not sleep for long - napping little and often during the night.
Kyre11MajesticKyre.pngA very proud creature, they dont take kindly to anyone trying to ride them. Attempting to do so would likely result in a swift kick from their powerful hind legs.
Lacer26EmeraldTreeBoaLacer.pngIts rumoured that an ancestral form of the Lacer was close to extinction because of its poor eyesight, which led to the evolution of the eye in its tail which can see great distances and protects it from predators.
Lackei122GoldenCowLackei.pngThese horses are rather small, fitting in the palm of ones hand. Mythology states that they are the steeds of faeries, though no one has ever been able to prove it.
Lasius126ShatteredBlueLasius.pngLasius live in large colonies, sometimes in the millions. They are smaller than insi, but still a formidable size at about three inches tall. When they start swarming, other pets know to get out of the way!
Lepu95AshWoodLepu.pngThe Lepu is a shy species and is quick to disappear if approached by humans. Rumour has it that if you leave out a bowl of Mint Julep it will sniff it out and drink its fill, making it much easier to approach and catch in its intoxicated state. In captivity they are astounding breeders and an owner is quickly overrun with Bred Eggs.
Lerna37HellionLerna.pngContrary to popular belief, the heads do not have different personalities. They are all one hive mind, and while they have separate brains, there is only one consciousness.
Linorm54RainbowLinorm.pngThese curious little creatures are quite powerful jumpers. It is even said that one jumped clear over the moon!
Luiri103GoldrushLuiri.pngIt is curious to note that captive-bred Luiri hatch they in full bloom, whereas in the wild they hatch with only small buds. There is no explanation for this phenomenon, though some scientists believe it may have some connection to the nomadic life of a young wild Luiri and it enables them to grow leaves more suited to their final chosen environment. Studies aiming to prove and disprove this theory are currently under way.
Lunaris24StarwielderLunaris.pngThese feline-like pets are legends come to life; bringing the stars with them as they come to visit from far away.
Lysk25LovebirdLysk.pngThese birdlike dragons evolved from the mythical basilisk. Every so often, when a Lysk lays an egg on a full moon, the baby will have the deadly stare of its ancestors.
Maki38GoldenTamarinMaki.pngWhile seeming to be cute, serene woodland critters, these tiny nut-lovers go wild on caffeine.
Mammut143MammutBlankPSD.pngThe mammut species can transition between aquatic and terrestrial life at will. Though it looks like a primarily land-dwelling creature, it also has the ability to breathe water, and can walk on the floor of riverbeds easily to stir up prey in the sandy bottoms. These hybrids can be a result of breeding a Woolith and a Plio together with a breeding coin. Customs can be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Manticore18BeastManticore.pngThe tail might make you apprehensive, but these animals love to be scratched behind the ears.
Melo3RedMuttMelo.pngThe Melos keen survival instinct has led to packs spreading across the continent and settling in all conditions, resulting in many varieties of this species.
Miizu87UnderwaterDreamsMiizu.pngThis species is well documented for its habit of digging in the river or sea bed with its paws, laying in the hole and then using their tail to brush the sand or silt over themselves. It is seen in both dominant and submissive individuals, suggesting that it is both for protection and a form of camouflage when hunting smaller fish species.
Miokit158MiokitBlankPSD.pngThis extinct genus can only enter our world through a special portal connecting the past to the present. They are thought to be Smilodon cubs, though it seems that when they pass through the portal, their aging ceases and they stay the size of small dogs. Customs can be made using Prehistoric Portal.
Monaku124ParadiseMonaku.pngAn ancestor of the Simii, the Monaku is known as the largest arboreal genus in the Ay and Ara worlds. While largely feeding on leaves, nuts, and fruits, its not unusual to see one feasting on a Reve that sat on the wrong branch.
Monster148Poisondeero.pngMonsters are the primary enemy of the adventure locations of ay and ara and are obtainable through the use of a Monster Certification
Mutske121ForestSpotMutske.pngMutske are very energetic creatures, and often used in police forces to sniff out poachers. They seem to have a sixth sense for when someone is exceeding the maximum number of catches on their adventure card.
Nashira118SeaLightNashira.pngMany are forgiven for thinking that this horned and spined sea creature has a nasty temper with its face shaped into a permanant frown. It is however quite playful and slow to anger, and very receptive to a good scratch behind the ears.
Naulit111BioGlowNaulit.pngNaulit-esque shells are known for spotting the beaches of both Ay and Ara, suggesting that a common ancestor might have lived on both continents.
Neura73NeuraBlankPSD.pngDue to the rarity of their parent pets, especially as one is rumored extinct, they are increasingly harder to find as the years go by.
Nexus69NightVisionNexus.pngThey are feared beasts in Ara with horrid tempers and destructive power. Sometimes clans of humans will require a hero to go slay one, but there are never very good results.
Nikko59ToucanNikko.pngThese mischievous scamps have amazing strength in their tails, which they use to discretely borrow things from other pets.
Nimbus145NimbusBlankPSD.pngThe Nimbus was the first dual hybrid species born after a Quetzal and a Shisa used the Standing Stones. The original pet was found in the wild and the knowledge of hybrids being able to create hybrids spread through the lands of Ay. These hybrids can be a result of breeding a Quetzal and a Shisa together with a Breeding Coin and a required Hybrid DNA add-on. They CANNOT be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Oakl13Dik-dikOakl.pngWhile these look like they belong in the horse or deer family, theyre more akin to goats and as such can often be found grazing on mountainsides.
Oculi157OculiBlankPSD.pngOculi are said to be able to see the future, present, and past of anyone they look at. As a result they can seem very short tempered and agitated because they are constantly being bombarded with information about the timeline of those around them. This hybrid can be bred from a Rusted Breeding Coin or a Breeding Coin using a Garu and Serafex. Customs can be made with Hybrid Potions, Hybrid Custom Crystals, or any other normal hybrid makers.
Odlak102Will-o-wispOdlak.pngDue to their rather frightening appearance, sightings of the Odlak have come to be seen as a bad omen. It is only recently that ancient texts have been uncovered that described ritualistic worship where it was a being that took death unto itself so as to preserve the crops during bad weather, and that its sighting was an omen that there was going to be a bountiful harvest.
Opterix74RedTailedOpterix.pngThey like to prey on Insi, Chorlu, Gaels, and various other small genus. For this reason they are restricted in certain parts of Ay to ensure they dont cause the extinction of other genus.
Orbkin132OrbkinBlankPSD.pngAn Orbkin is born from within its orb. As it grows, the orbs cracks and fissures clear up as it becomes whole again. Orbkin are very attached to their orbs and will never leave them - they dont even want to stop touching them.
Orimi22CaribbeanBlueOrimi.pngWhen considering the amount of damage a normal sized Melo can do when it wags its tail, you can only imagine the unintended destruction that follows a happy Orimi!
Ornaga50OrnagaBlankPSD.pngThese fantastic animals appeared on the 1 year Anniversary of the discovery of Ay. None are certain where they came from, but the sounds they make as they fly through the air has often been compared to celebratory music.
Oske45CaracalOske.pngThis feline species can get as large as a tiger or small as a house cat! Theyre also very fast when running, like a cheetah.
Ostri138PaintedOstri.pngOstri are some of the fastest pets on Ay and Ara. They are capable of reaching running speeds of up to 80 MPH, though they can only go in short spurts. They are fearsome predators and terrifying for prey that live in the same habitats.
Ozoa100GalaxyOzoa.pngThere are remote coastal areas that dedicate an entire festival to the Ozoa, where the wearing of hats styled to look like the creature is commonplace. The fashion has spread somewhat inland to haute couture boutiques where the style has been developed into more of a fascinator.
Paleo12BloodfeatherPaleo.pngDont let that smile fool you; if you get too close they might try and chomp a limb off.
Palli139PalliPalli.pngPalli love collecting items, and often have an entire burrow or tree full of random objects theyve gathered over the years. Never try to take an object from a Palli, as they are very defensive of their possessions.
Perdin99HorizonPerdin.pngThe Perdin is a natural carnivore and will often hide under bushes to disguise their wings and lure other prey animals into believing it is a Lepu. Once their target is close enough they are able to use their strong hind legs to pounce, flying the fresh kill into a tree where scavengers cannot reach it.
Phanto4SpecterPhanto.pngPhantos love to play tricks. Being spirits, they can pop in and out of places as they please, as well as become invisible at will. Even when you think youre alone, a phanto might be watching!
Phasma144PhasmaBlankPSD.pngThe phasma species is known for being extremely quick predators. While most creatures cannot reach over 80 mph in full sprinting speed, phasma can easily reach 100 mph and keep running for ten to fifteen minute periods of time. These hybrids can be a result of breeding an Insi and a Raffi together with a breeding coin. Customs can be made with a Hybrid Potion or a Hybrid Custom Crystal.
Plio79SeaMonsterPlio.pngThey are said to be the baby form of some ancient race of Aywa that takes hundreds of years to mature. Given that they have only recently been found, they might also be a mutant of a gael or a soli.
Pluma106ToucanPluma.pngUsually solitary hunters, rain storms are the singular time you will see these creatures flock and fly together. Their ears flatten out to avoid becoming filled with water as they take part in complex aerial displays, only to disperse as soon as the last drop of rain has fallen.
Poofle94PinataPoofle.pngIn ancient texts the Poofle is shown to be a slender creature with large wings. It can only be presumed that over time the food sources for this species became more abundant on the ground, rather than in the tree tops, which led to them evolving to be larger and more sturdy for their foraging habits while their wings deminished in size due to their redundancy.
Puggle119PaintedJadePuggle.pngOwning a Puggle takes a lot of money and dedication, as they need to eat 20% of its own body weight each day to survive. In captivity this easily leads to over-feeding and obesity as the natural foraging process of the species has been bypassed, but smart owners have begun popularising the use of a special dining pools to keep their pets fit and healthy - as well as fed.
Quetzal8SkyshineQuetzal.pngThese majestic creatures are often worshiped by other Aywas as gods due to their regal appearance, rarity and magical powers.
Quil39QuilBlankPSD.pngMany think that these creatures are at a disadvantage, having no arms at all. Yet they can climb trees faster than any pet, and are pretty fast on-ground as well.
Quolgarian51OrangeStripedQuolgarian.pngWhile they seem awkward when they walk, they have extreme grace with speed; the fastest clocked at 140 mph.
Raffi113BarkStripedRaffi.pngRaffi do not tend to have strong social bonds with other creatures, even of their own kind, displaying a detachment more familiar from feline pets. They are content to go with the flow as long as its in the direction they were heading, otherwise they are quite solitary.
Ramrin168RamrinBlankPSD.pngMost clothing comes from the wool of a Ramrin. Humans have learned to have a beneficial relationship between themselves and Ramrin, shearing off the excess wool so that the pet can be more comfortable, especially in the summer months! For the first two months of their existence on site, customs were obtainable through using Raw Metal Crystals, Raw Blue Crystals, and Raw Gold Crystals. The pet is now retired and can only be made with Antiquity Staves.
Reebu107ChameleonReebu.pngThis hybrid is far more placid than its parent species, preferring to sun itself rather than cause fear or mischief. It isnt too pleasant when disturbed, however, which is believed to have prompted the old saying to let sleeping dragons lie.
Reet85LadybugReet.pngReet are one of the largest insect species, capable of lifting even a full grown Soli clear off the ground. Slow and ponderous on land, they are masters of the air, commonly seen hovering and flying sideways or even backwards. They are attracted to flowers, sometimes found trailing after Vions or Vynes.
Regius153RegiusBlankPSD.pngRegius are considered apex predators. They are capable of hunting and eating anything thats their size or smaller, and often hunt in packs to bring down larger prey. They can see heat from the pits on their faces, allowing them to move in the dark.
Reve5LovebirdReve.pngDont let that coy look fool you; these feathered fiends can cause quite a ruckus if you disturb their nests.
Rogr16AmetrineRogr.pngThese strange beasts crawled out of a crevice created by a powerful earthquake that hit Ay. It is said that they carry not just the colors of the most beautiful gems the planet has to offer, but the magical properties of each as well.
Roku55BlueSwirlRoku.pngThese kangaroo-sized critters may seem very friendly, often nuzzling into your hand in what appears to be an affectionate manner when they are, in fact, just searching for food.
Ryba27SundownRyba.pngPrehistorically caught for food (and reportedly tasted amazing with fries) they are now a popular pet on the Ara continent.
Scarl147ScarlBlankPSD.pngThese aquatic creatures also sometimes spend time on land. Their adaptations allow them to be very successful predators, as theyre capable of swimming quickly to catch fish as well as able to run quickly on land. This rare pet can be made by using a Mermaids Purse.
Selkie44SelkieDefaultColor.pngSo soft and glossy they have their own classification of being Selkie smooth.
Serafex125SerafexBlankPSD.pngMany scientists uphold the theory that the Serafexs odd seeming wing markings are little more than a perfect display of eyespots, a common form of mimicry that serves as self-preservation in small creatures. However those that have seen them blink beg to differ.
Serrul63SerrulBlankPSD.pngThey were once thought to be extinct, but crops of their eggs have been showing up to travelers in the fissures. The constant earthquakes there are jogging old histories...
Sevryn154SevrynBlankPSD.pngDespite their uncommon status, Sevryn are prolific breeders that deposit eggs around the areas where they are native. Site pets can be found with Natural Eggs and Rainbow Eggs. Customs can be made with Metal Eggs, Bronze Eggs, Blue Eggs, and Gold Eggs.
Shantu167ShantuBlankPSD.pngThese excitable creatures live in the West and East Rivers of the Ay Region. They enjoy swimming as fast as they can and jetting out of the water, testing each other to see which can glide the furthest before diving back in. Can be made with Custom Crystals (Metal, Blue, Gold, Silver, Candy Cane, Orange, etc). Also found around Aywas in explore.
Shen112LavaShen.pngThe Shen genus is made up of extremely talented liquid shapeshifters. They can mimic any other pet by first transforming into their base liquid form then shifting themselves into the other pet. Old Ay folklore states that Shen would sometimes shapeshift into humans and lure townspeople toward the rivers to drown them, though no reports have ever substantiated this claim. Shen are near impossible to capture and train due to their ability to simply melt into the water and escape.
Shisa31BlueLotusShisa.pngShisa are sometimes described as a mirage seen only by people lost in the desert. Their ghostly appearance can frighten, but they have never abandoned someone in need.
Shu60BabyBoyShu.pngThroughout time Shu have been revered as guardians for their strong sense of duty and regal appearance. Although they prefer solitude, they will often band together for a noble cause.
Simii66SimiiBlankPSD.pngThey are very intelligent. An owner can assign another Aywa to them and the Simii can train the Aywa. It is also the only genus capable of speaking human languages, though to a minimal degree.
Skreet163SkreetBlankPSD.pngThese creatures live in the treetops of the Rainforest. They are known for living in large colonies and its said that you should not have just one Skreet for fear that they will become dejected in loneliness.
Slith57SunSlith.pngThese wise and majestic creatures have grown cautious of humans after being hunted for their claws and horns, which are rumored to possess amazing properties.
Snoodle170SnoodleBlankPSD.pngThese slithery creatures come in all different sizes. While some are small and noodle-sized, others can be as big as a person! Snoodle can be obtained by using the Cup of Snoodles customs feature.
Soli6IridescentShieldtailSoli.pngThese slithery pets have tremendous strength in their arms which enable them to move fluidly without legs in water and on land.
Sors20TapuatSors.pngA literal sea horse, these salt water fish have a pleasant demeanor and enviable manes.
Spibby173SpibbyBlankPSD.pngThese creatures live in colonies of up to a hundred, and often roost in trees or dark caves. They are very social and cannot handle being alone. As a result most owners will have a pair of them so they can keep each other company with chirps and squeaks. This hybrid can be bred from a Breeding Coin using an Arak and Chiro. Customs can be made with Hybrid Potions, Hybrid Custom Crystals, or any other normal hybrid makers.
Spino136SpinoBlankPSD.pngOnce thought to be extinct, the Spino originated in the Desert-East River border, though there is evidence that these creatures also once inhabited the Wastelands when it was a thriving ecosystem. Since their diet is primarily Gael and other aquatic species, it is ill-advised to keep your Spino housed near your ponds.
Spitz140SpitzBlankPSD.pngSpitz enjoy being dressed up with numerous decorations. While bows are their favorite, they also have a preference for scarves and booties.
Stellata156StellataBlankPSD.pngThe Stellata are tiny hybrids that feed off the nectar of flowers. They grow to approximately three inches tall. They appear to be more moth-like than bird-like when looking at their internal structure, and their young start off as larva. This hybrid can be bred from a Rusted Breeding Coin or a Breeding Coin using a Chorlu and Opterix. Customs can be made with Hybrid Potions, Hybrid Custom Crystals, or any other normal hybrid makers.
Sway49ParrotfishSway.pngThis creature is capable of living both in the ocean and in the sky; it can swim as fast as a shot torpedo and fly as fast as a missile.
Tavi97PaintedJewelTavi.pngThe Tavi is an extremely social creature with a taste for a smorgasbord of food. Ardently fond of fruit platters, garden salads and glittering macarons, the tavi spends most of its waking hours in search of food or consuming it--unless its playtime. Kept as royal companions in the Ay legends, Tavis are popular now pets but scarce seen in the wild.
Teo130TeoBlankPSD.pngThe curious rodents are about the size of a dinner plate. They are extremely intelligent and often aid their masters with simple tasks.
Toray91RoyalToray.pngThese elongated fish are more akin to Earths dolphins than their eels, in that they are a playful - and at times, mischievous - species. They are highly social and will fall into a depression if seperated from others of their kind, though studies have shown that in the right conditions they will bond with other aquatic species (particularly fish) and form a new family.
Tordoka105CherryFootTordoka.pngMany species of Tordoka are purported to live for centuries, however for one particular giant species this will never be proven: it was so edible and delicious that the explorers could not resist consuming them, and they were driven to extinction before they ever reached the research laboratories.
Trillaling135LuminescentLaceTrillaling.pngThe Trillaling is a nocturnal, elusive creature that dwells in underground caverns and spends most of its time mining for crystal pieces. It is believed that Trills use these fragments in everything from their nests to dietary needs, and have subsequently evolved into part crystal and rock themselves!
Unus43RedDunTobianoUnus.pngThe Unus used to rule all of Ara as the most powerful breed around. They have human-like intelligence and are the only Aywas species besides the Xaoc capable of speaking any human language.
Usaro109AfricanwilddogUsaro.pngNo one is quite sure how this creature has come to be, and scientists have hazarded a guess that the Chromo latches on in a parasitic way, slowly injecting its genetic material and mutating the host Meep. We think the scientists might just need a hug...
Velox70FawnVelox.pngSometimes they are said to represent purity. Wherever they go, crops flourish and the ill become healthy. As such, they are worshipped as minor gods.
Vespa96VespaBlankPSD.pngThese giant bug-like creatures existed in the distant past of Ancient Ay, largest measuring up to the size of a bus. Studies has shown that their lifestyles resemble that of the modern day insects (Or maybe Bees) despite the extremities in their physiques.
Violinn123ViolinnViolinn.pngThis species prowls around in mountainous areas, causing grass and trees to grow where they stay. Research on the Violinn species indicates that all specimen are female.
Vion21SpeckledVion.pngVions used to be a common breed, but after a harsh hundred-year-old winter, they all but died out. Some Vion seeds still hibernate beneath the soil, though...maybe you might find one.
Vyne7CherryTreeVyne.pngThis creature can cause quite the hayfever attack in the spring and summer months when their butts go in to bloom.
Walooph131MysticWalooph.pngThis tusked creature is far more used to the Arctic than it is the warm inside of your home. As such its recommended by respected Walooph breeders that you keep a large chest freezer for your pet to relax in several times a day.
Welly108SpaceHeartsWelly.pngThese flightless birds are largely found in the Arctic area of Ay, though some seem to have acclimatised in warmer areas and live in small communities near large bodies of water. They are friendly and easily lured by music - which type seems to depend on the bird, and some twitchers can spend weeks going through various playlists before a particular Welly will even go near them.
Wibbit90HippieMushroomWibbit.pngThese tiny creatures prefer moist environments, though some Wibbits are adapted to dryer climes. Known in every color under the sun, their patterns and symbiotic mushrooms allow Wibbits to blend seamlessly into the local flora, and subsist on almost any kind organic matter. Early life stages remain a mystery, for no one has ever seen a Wibbit tadpole.
Woolith80TribalWoolith.pngTheir tusks continue growing all through their life. They constantly scrape them against trees and other objects to grind them down. The tusks themselves have little to no feeling in them.
Wrayth76OceanTerrorWrayth.pngIn the olden days, they were extremely feared by any seamen. They have a strange pull toward ships and will take them down if they find any in their territory.
Xaoc15CustomXaoc.pngNo one knows whats under a Xaocs hood. They never show their true form to anyone unless they trust them completely, and very few Xaocs have ever made that bond.
Xolotl128ElectricXolotl.pngDespite their aquatic nature, Xolotl can often be seen utilizing fire. They use their strong destructive powers to raze any buildings dumping pollution into the waters they live in.
Yena115StripedYena.pngPrimarily nocturnal animals, its not unusual to wake up to an eerie giggling from outside of your home. This spooky behaviour tends to cause contempt towards the Yena, earning them a firm place in horror stories around campfires.
Yetius165YetiusBlankPSD.pngThese fuzzy creatures have completely waterproof fur. When they climb out of the waters to find terrestrial prey, it only takes a couple of minutes for their fur to dry out and fluff up completely. This hybrid can be bred from a Breeding Coin using a Ryba and Orimi. Customs can be made with Hybrid Potions, Hybrid Custom Crystals, or any other normal hybrid makers.
Zashoo110IridescentZashoo.pngThese creatures are deceptively fast as they are prey to a wide variety of creatures - including many unsuspecting herbivores due to the shape (and often colouring) of their head which largely resembles the conical caps of mushrooms.
Zephyr93TempleZephyr.pngWhile this species of dragon can appear to be quite ferocious, they are in fact a gentle breed. They thrive in the Spring and often hybernate in the winter months, awakening when the first flowers begin to bloom. Zephyrs always sleep facing the east on a bed of hyacinth flowers, their soft snores creating quite the gust of wind.