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Tak interacting with a user.

NPCs, also known as Non-Playable Characters, are the main characters players interact with on Aywas. They run the most of the daily games and experiences, they appear on the forums for conversations with the players and they create or give away items, among other functions.

New NPCs

Because the original NPCs on Aywas were Slash's personal characters, Aywas staff made the decision to overhaul the NPCs on the website. The new NPCs on Aywas currently have bios on the website, but many of the features on Aywas currently still primarily feature the old NPCs.

The new NPC artwork is drawn by deviantART user kiwibon.

All New NPCs


Old NPCs

The old NPCs on Aywas are the original NPCs of the site.

The NPCs Kaz and Shoe were the original site gods of Aywas. Kaz and Shoe are actually one person. From Midnight to Noon Kaz is the character, and from Noon to Midnight Shoe is the character. This is important to know for the Kaz & Shoe game, and if they ever interact with users on the forums, you must know who's talking (as Kaz can get pretty grouchy! Though, Shoe is very kind).

All Old NPCs

AeronCircle.png AsherCircle.png AxisCircle.png ChaosCircle.png ChimeraCircle.png DesmondCircle.png EpsilonCircle.png ErrorCircle.png KazukoCircle.png KiranCircle.png MaronCircle.png MercuryCircle.png NovaCircle.png OrionCircle.png PeriCircle.png RileyCircle.png RogueCircle.png ShadeCircle.png ShoeCircle.png SpenserCircle.png SunnyCircle.png TakCircle.png TamasCircle.png ThantosCircle.png XeroCircle.png ZaveCircle.png

Miscellaneous Site Characters

Aywas has many minor NPCs who often do not have names. These NPCs are featured in places such as Adventure or the Museum.