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To try out wiki editing go to: The_Aywas_Wiki:Sandbox

Making a New Page

Search for the title of the page you want to create in the searchbar. If the page already exists, you can add whatever you want to that page! Otherwise, click on 'Create the page "Whatever title you entered" on this wiki!' to start making the page. You can also click on any red link you see in any existing content to create a new page.

Basic Wiki Formatting

Description Code
Link to another Wiki page [[Name_of_Page]]
Link to another Wiki page with a different link text [[Name_of_Page|Words_to_Link]]
Redirect a page #REDIRECT [[Name_of_Page]]
Redirect to a specific subtopic of a page #REDIRECT [[Name_of_Page#Name_of_Subtitle]]
Bullet point *
Nested Bullets *



Stop wiki markup <nowiki>Markup here</nowiki>
No table of contents __NOTOC__
Center <center></center>
Align Right <div align="right">Text</div>
Add page to a category [[Category:Name_of_Category]]
Link to a category [[:Category:Name_of_Category]]
Use a Fixed Template {{Name_of_Template}}
Use a Template with Variables {{Name_of_Template |Paramer_Name=}}
Add a Table See MediaWiki 1 or below.
Add a Gallery <gallery widths="85" perrow="5">

File:Filename.png|Text Optional </gallery>

Header Main ==Title==
Subheader ===Title===
Sub-subheader ====Title====
Horizontal line ---- (four dashes)
Add an uploaded Image [[File:Name.png]]
Add Image with alignment [[File:Name.png|center]]

[[File:Name.png|left]] [[File:Name.png|right]]

Sign your Name/Datestamp (Used for discussion/talk pages) ~~~~
Sign with Name only ~~~

Aywas Items

See Apple Coconut for an example of a complete item listing. It should include:

  • Categories - Categories are added automatically, simply put the exact item Type in the form (it's shown on the inventory screen, examples are Armor, Weapon, Magic, Collectable, Food (Hunger), Food (Energy), etc. Categories have to be manually added for special use designations, such as Exchange Items, Alcohol, Museum Collections, etc.
  • Special notes - if the description of the item doesn't include a key piece of information, such as hunger points or Attack/Toughness bonus, use |special=text here to include it. Put this after |description= and before |type=. If you have a LONG description/paragraphs of information about the item in question, type it up normally on the page instead of trying to cram it into the |special= description; it's best for one or two lines at most.
  • Type - this will be the same as the type when looking at the item in your inventory.
  • Rarity - this will also be listed when looking at the item in your inventory. Example: R10, R20, R30
  • Release Date - if known, add it. Odds are it will be "Unknown" though
  • Obtained From - List anywhere the item is known to be obtainable. Do not guess, if you don't know, put Unknown. If the item is buyable in a shop, use the exact shop name. If the item is obtainable from games or random events, use Dailies.
  • Shop Price - if the item is sold in a shop, add |shopprice= and the value.
  • Charges - if it has multiple uses, list the number here.
  • Regenerates? - generally no, for one use / charged items. If it comes back after being used, put X days per use where X is the regeneration time.
  • ID - this is not listed on most items, so you have to add |id= if you know it. Item ID's can be obtained by doing a Shop Search and using a key word that brings up more than one result for example, searching for "Apple Coconut" will not work, but "App" will, because it will take you to an intermediate page with Apple Coconut, Fanged Apple, Mapple, etc on it. Click on the item you want, and look at the URL bar. It will be something like - 1 is the item ID for Apple Coconut.

It is not necessary to be able to complete a whole page - if you have partial information, add it. The most important thing is that it's accurate.


{| (this means the start of a table}
! Header
! Another Header

|- {this marks a new row}
|row 1, cell 1 || cell 2 || cell 3
|row 2, cell 1
|row 2, cell 2
|row 2, cell 3 (either of these work, in a line with double ||, or one cell per line with | )

Different table formats - these go after the table begin mark ( {| )

{| border="1" cellpadding="20" cellspacing="0" Same table format as this one.
{| class="wikitable" Default table format
{| class="wikitable sortable" Default table format, with sorting buttons
{| style="float: right" floats table in line with the text.
{| style="text-align: center" centers text in the table
{| style="text-align: center; float: right;" centers text and floats table to the right (center or left also possible.)