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Adventure is a way to explore the world of Aywas with your pet. In the beginning, you can explore the Bridge, but as you level up you unlock new locations, meet pets, find BP and meet random events.

Adventure can be found under World --> Adventure.

Adventure Locations

ArcticThumbnailUnlocked.png BridgeThumbnailUnlocked.png DesertThumbnailUnlocked.png DogParkThumbnailUnlocked.png DowntownThumbnailUnlocked.png MountainsThumbnailUnlocked.png EastRiverThumbnailUnlocked.png EnchantedForestThumbnailUnlocked.png FaunaForestThumbnailUnlocked.png FieldsThumbnailUnlocked.png FissuresThumbnailUnlocked.png GrasslandsThumbnailUnlocked.png HauntedHouseThumbnailUnlocked.png HauntedLakeThumbnailUnlocked.png HolidayLaneThumbnailUnlocked.png ArcticThumbnailUnlocked.png LunarMeteorThumbnailUnlocked.png MountainsThumbnailUnlocked.png RainForestThumbnailUnlocked.png RainbowSkyThumbnailUnlocked.png ScrublandsThumbnailUnlocked.png SeasideThumbnailUnlocked.png SpookyForestThumbnailUnlocked.png VerdantValeThumbnailUnlocked.png WastelandsThumbnailUnlocked.png WestRiverThumbnailUnlocked.png


Each adventure location has fifteen adventure levels. On completion you usually unlock the next location, but some are unlocked from the beginning. Refusing a quest drops you down one adventure level, while completing a quest gains you one adventure level. Adventure quests randomly picks from a variety of quests:

  • Finding Items: The quest-giver will show you a number of items that their village needs from you. The items can all (presumably) be found in the area, though they often ask for at least one r100 item. You do not have to explicitly find these items in Adventure while on the quest, it's enough to have them in your inventory. The items are taken from your inventory upon turning in the quest.
  • Finding a Merchant: The quest-giver is waiting for an important package from a tardy merchant. Simply wander around until the merchant turns up and gives you the package. The Money Lighter has no effect on whether you can find the merchant or not, but it might take some time before he or she shows up.
  • Encountering Pets/Monsters: The quest-giver would like to study the animals in the area, and so needs you to encounter a number of different pets and monsters. You do not need to fight them. Pets encountered via "playing" do not count toward your total.
  • Purchasing Items: The quest-giver needs you to purchase a certain number of items from the passing merchants. Investing in a merchant's new business does not count toward your total.
  • Taking Steps: The quest-giver needs you to travel a bit more in the area. Clicking "Continue Exploring" counts as a step. Simply wander around until the number of steps required reaches 0.


Various events can be encountered during Adventure.

  • Merchants: There are two types of merchants you can encounter - those that sell you items, and those that want to start up a business. Item-selling merchants typically ask for between 2,000 BP and 9,999 BP. They will sell you any explore items that can typically be found in the area. To find out what item a merchant is selling before buying it, you need an Invisible Item Seer. Start-up merchants are looking for you to invest 1,000 BP for their business. In return, you will receive either 0 (most common), 500, or 10,000 BP (least common), depending on how well the merchant did.
  • Hungry Travelers: These travelers are hungry and need you to fight a monster so they can eat it. Defeating a monster nets you 1,000 BP for your trouble as well as some experience.

Trivia: You will be given a description of a pet and four possible choices. Picking the correct choice nets you 1,000 BP, but if you take too long to answer the questioner will just walk away.

  • Pet Check: A traveler will want to see a certain pet from the area. If you have the pet in your lair, you'll get 1,000 BP for allowing them to inspect it.
  • Treasure Chest: Stumbling upon a treasure chest gives you the option to use a Treasure Chest Key, pick the lock, or continue exploring. Picking the lock gives you a small chance to open the chest without using a key, but failing to open it ruins the lock and makes it impossible to use a key. Choosing to use a key when you do not have one results in the text telling you you lack a key and gives you the same three options again. A Lock Pick makes it easier to open the chests without keys while a Portable X-Ray makes it possible to see what's inside a treasure chest.
  • Interested Pet: Occasionally, you will find a pet that looks interested in your pet. Choosing to let your pet play with the other gives you a small chance of having the pet want to come home with you. If you want to increase your chances of a pet coming home with you, equip a Pinwheel to your adventure pet.
  • Finding BP: The amount of BP you find in an area depends on the area you're in. Generally, normal BP finds are under 1,000 BP, while the more rare stashes and "Fluffy's ransom" can range from 1,000 to 30,000 or higher.
  • Finding Items/Hidden Items: Most items are found on the ground, and you are given the option to pick them up or continue exploring. Sometimes, however, your pet can find a "hidden" item. These items are in trees, ponds, rock piles, or burrows. Your pet will be able to overcome one of these obstacles (though currently some pets aren't able to overcome any at all) and retrieve the item, which usually have a high rarity. These items are automatically added to your inventory.
  • Ravine: Sometimes you will spot a rare item or pet across a ravine. You have the option to make your pet attempt to jump the ravine. Success nets you the item or puts you face-to-face with the pet on the other side. Failure injures your pet and steps thereafter will cost 2 energy points until your pet recovers. A Grappling Hook will increase your chances of scaling a ravine.
  • Resting: Your pet will stop to rest; restoring health, energy, and AU. Other rest stops restore only health or hunger.
  • Miscellaneous: These events don't do anything, and your only option will be to continue exploring. An example is "There does not seem to be anything around."

Your Pet's Stats

Your pet's adventure stats determine several aspects of your adventure; from how far it can walk to whether or not it can help you capture a new pet. The details can be found under statistic, and you can view your pet's stats under World --> Battledome --> Pet Status. For adventure its attributes, skills, health and energy are most relevant.


A new pet will have 25 Pool Points under Attributes, and your pet will gain 4 pool points for each level. You can add your power points to attributes as you see fit, but once saved it cannot be reset. Pets captured while adventuring will already have a distribution of PP in their Attributes that cannot be changed, except by leveling up your pet and adding more power points. If your captured pet is over lvl 30 they will have to be reset before you can adventure with them, and start with 25 pool points and level 1. The different attributes determine different aspects of your pet's battle abilities.

  • Power - determines your attack power aka. how hard your pet can punch.
  • Toughness - determines your defense. No matter how high your defense is all connecting attacks will do at least 1 point of damage.
  • Speed - determines both how fast you can attack and how often (depending on how many tiers your pet has). Speed under 27 gives one tier, 27 - 53 two tiers, 54 - 80 three tiers and 81+ four tiers. Tiers both determine the strength of an attack and how many attacks that can be performed during one round.


Skills are your pet's moves or attacks. Your pet can learn up to four skills, but as it grows stronger you can unlearn weaker to gain room for stronger ones. To purchase more skills, click "Teach New Skills". New skills cost a certain amount of BP, determined by the level of the skill as well as its usefulness. The skills available to your pet are determined by your pet's type. Pet type can be changed with mutations like Fire Mutation or Grass Mutation. The skills article has details on the different types and skills. Each skill has a tier number attached to it. Your pet's tier is determined by its Speed. Your pet cannot learn moves with a higher tier than they currently have. Pets with 2 tiers or more can use multiple lower-tier moves in one turn (ie, a pet with a tier of 2 can use either one tier-2 move or two tier-1 moves). Tiers also decide how strong the attack is. A tier 4 attack is 7.5 times strong while a tier 1 attack is 1.5 times strong.


Your pet's health is basically how many hit points it has. The higher the health, the more beating it can take before fainting (Toughness also influences this). If your pet faints (is reduced to 0 in health), it will need to recuperate before it can battle again. This can be done either by going to the Energy Fountain which restores 100% health and 25% energy ever half hour. You can also use a Kiddie Pool, HP Potion, or a Wounded Easter Egg, or just wander around in adventure until you encounter random events giving you more health.


Your pet's energy decides how far it can walk in adventure. Pets use one energy for each step, or two if they are wounded from failing to jump a ravine. Energy can be restored by going to the Energy Fountain or by eating food from the Energy Dishes shop. Some energy items are regenerating, like Everlasting Biscuits, Kiddie Pool and Book of Forsaken Energy.

Pet and Monster Encounters

As you adventure you will encounter pets and monsters. You can choose to capture the pets before you attack or move on by clicking on the net ("Items") and use either a net or a cage (you must have those items in your inventory to use them). Pets captured are put in your lair. Failure for the items to work does not bar you from attempting the capture again or entering a fight. Monsters can not be captured this way, but can be captured during battle and put in the "Training Hall" in the battledome. The level of the pets and monsters you encounter depends on where you adventure and what your level is in that adventure location. If you have adventure level 15 on the bridge the pets and monsters will have higher level than when you were adventure level 1. Your pet does not affect the level of those you encounter. To enter a battle, click "Fight," the follow the instructions and the battle screen will appear. If you encountered two pets or monsters, you will battle both at the same time.

  • The axe is for attacking, and will take you to your skills. Pick the skill(s) you want to use, the target(s) you want to use it/them on, and then click "End turn." This will move the battle forward.
  • The potion bottle is for in-battle items, like AU potion, Aloe Gel or Kiddie Pool.
  • The Melo is for capturing. This uses up the whole turn. You can capture both pets and monsters. Captured monsters can be found under the "Training Hall" option on the Battledome page and can be battled for experience. Capturing pets or monsters yields no experience or BP.
  • The boots are for fleeing. This gives you a chance to flee the battle. Failure to flee results in your turn being used up. Fleeing a battle yields no experience or BP, even if you defeated one enemy in a double battle.

Defeating all the pets/monsters on the screen will yield you experience and BP. Monsters sometimes drop items. Being beaten gives you some XP and no BP.

Note: clicking outside of the battle screen will dismiss the battle screen, but it will not end your battle. You can re-access your current battle on the same Adventure page. You cannot continue Adventuring in that area until you properly end your current battle.

Common Problems

  • Unable to encounter pets

If you are constantly getting the message "Something speeds by you but you are unable to determine what it was.", odds are you are in a seasonal area and have a Clover Stone equipped. The Clover Stone repels low level pets but in the seasonal areas, does not make the higher rarity pets any easier to find. If you are only encountering monsters, perhaps you used a Monster Flute - this will repel all non-monster encounters for 50 steps

  • Only encountering pets

Did you use a Pet Flute? It'll keep all the other events from popping up until the 50 steps wears out.

  • Cannot find common pets

Check and see if you have a Clover Stone equipped. It keeps away all pets below R70.

  • Cannot find merchants

Do you have a Money Lighter equipped on your current pet? It prevents all Merchants from offering you their goods.

  • Cannot get into Tree/Rockpile/Burrow/Pond for items, keep getting the "You have to leave it behind." message.

Every genus of pet can only do one terrain ability. A few species cannot do any of them at all. For details, see Hidden items, which was based on this List.

  • Adventure won't load

Are you using Internet Explorer or a non-computer device? Aywas only fully supports certain browsers/platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

  • Stuck in an "This area is not available" when accessing the Battledome.

You were probably in a seasonal area before it closed. To fix this, choose a new location from the Locations page.

  • Adventure is stuck on "Loading..."

Try opening the Quest or Item tabs, that often fixes it. If that doesn't work, reload the page. If you are still stuck on "Loading...", your current encounter might be bugged. This most often happens when you tried to Adventure in more than one tab or closed a battle prematurely. To fix it, just use any item that summons an encounter, such as Aynip, Book of Regeneration, Bottled Aurora, or the most economical, Burnt Bone.

Going from Explore to Adventure

Explore stats and Adventure stats are two different systems; your high-level Explore pet will start at level 1 in Adventure. "Resetting" a pets stats for Adventure (which you will be prompted to do if using a pet not caught in Adventure) will not have any effect on your Explore stats.

There are 6 Adventure zones available immediately: Bridge, Desert, West River, Arctic, Enchanted Forest, and Wasteland. These zones have the same pets and monsters available as their Explore counterparts.

Each area (except for the Seaside, currently) has 15 levels, which can be cleared through quests. Unlike Explore, these quests can vary (see below), and quitting a quest will set you back one level. Currently, completing all 15 levels does not grant you access to the area's city like Explore does, but the message upon completion implies that access will eventually be granted.

Unlike Explore, Adventure progress is not tied to your pet, so it's possible to switch pets while Adventuring without losing progress.

See Also

  • Explore - The older version of Adventure on Aywas that is no longer active